Brand & Web Development Study

Cowan & Hilgeman Law
Dayton, Ohio


Site traffic since beginning monthly SEO Management with Ursa Tiny

In 2017, I was approached by Jack Hilgeman of Cowan Hilgeman Law in Dayton, Ohio, to help revamp and expand his law firm’s website. Like so many of my other clients, he had dealt with a patchwork mish-mash of web designers who charged him a lot of money to throw a basic theme up on WordPress and input the bare essentials, before promptly disappearing, never to be heard from again. The site had no real Search Engine Optimization to speak of, which for an extremely competitive category like Personal Injury Attorneys (actually, the MOST competitive category!), simply would not do.

I set about re-vamping his existing website to contain all of the information he requested, in an easy-to-digest format (See right). To cut down on costs, we worked with the theme he had already purchased and concentrated on improving search engine rankings. 

Search Engine Optimization

When I started working on Cowan & Hilgeman’s SEO, the site ranked in the mid-twenties – somewhere around the bottom of the third page when Google searching for ‘Personal Injury Lawyer Dayton’. By publishing new original content to the site’s blog on a bi-weekly basis, I was able to drastically increase the website’s search engine visibility.


Cowan & Hilgeman’s website now consistently ranks among the top 3 law firms in Dayton for their most competitive keywords.

Website Maintenance & Updates

By monitoring site traffic on a long-term basis, we were able to track the behavior of Cowan & Hilgeman’s visitors, testing how and where potential clients interacted with the website. This helped enormously when it came time to redesign the entire website in April of 2018.


Homepage Re-redesign – coming May 2019!

Using the in-depth user behavior reports gleaned from over a year of monitoring, I was able to design a brand new website that contained only the information potential clients found most interesting.

Freed from the constraints of working within the design I inherited from previous web designers, I could create a beautiful, modern, responsive website that truly reflects the design aesthetic or Ursa Tiny, and the trustworthy, approachable professionalism of Cowan & Hilgeman Law. 

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