A brand goes beyond just a logo. It encapsulates everything about your business, your products, your service. It dictates how your customers feel about you, before you’ve even established contact.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it count.

It all starts with a logo


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Our design process starts with just a few simple questions:

Who are you and what do you offer?
What kind of message do you want to convey?
Who is your target demographic?
What brands and companies influence you?
What colours, fonts and websites do you like?

From there, we can begin to form the basis for your new brand, and head into the research and planning phase…

By researching your industry, industry leaders and local competition, we can begin to get a feel for how to best position your brand to not only grab attention and customers, but become outstanding within your field.

Our goal is nothing short of instant name recognition and market domination, no matter how small your business! 

This stage is different for every project. Sometimes, our client loves the first logo we present and we refine from there. Other times, we will present several different logos from which to choose and distill into the perfect brand. 

It all depends on the individual needs and budget of every client. 

Once we have created your perfect logo, we can then expand that into a whole suite of branding options according to your needs and budget. 

At a minimum, a modern business will need a large vector logo that can be scaled to any size without losing quality, a square logo for use on social media, and a favicon for use on your website. 

A highly visual or competitive industry, such as a coffee shop or personal injury attorney, might need a whole suite of brand assets, including:

– Large vector logos
– Colour-inverted logos for use on dark backgrounds
– Pictorial and text-only versions
– Print assets – business cards, signs, stickers, address labels, stamps, letterhead paper, menus, internal and external advertising, retail bag design, etc.
– Digital assets – email marketing designs, landing pages, eBooks, custom desktop screens, Point-of-sale screen/receipt design, etc. 

All brand suites, no matter how large or small, are presented with choices of fonts, colours and display options to create a cohesive, uniform brand experience throughout your entire business. 

Your finalized design assets are inserted into your new web design, sent to printers, turned into email and social media marketing campaigns, etc.   

This is the point at which your new brand identity comes to life! Share with your friends and customers, and set to work becoming a powerhouse in your industry!

We have helped clients, large and small, with everything from “I just need something simple for my website”, to “I have a trade show in Vegas in two weeks. I need my name on everything!”

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